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I Will Start!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The more that I am shown in the world that I can do, the harder it is to get started on the ONE THING that I always wanted to do ~ for years now!

I want to write about all the wonderful things of the world, or my own little world. I want to write about the troubling things of the world, and my own little world. I want to write about what my clients, friends and family want to know more about, or what I, in my own little world, want to know more about.

Regardless of what direction I choose for the present time or for the future, my interest is strictly in discovering what is true. If it cannot (at least for the present time) be defined as true, then I have no interest. I am not a fiction reader or writer, unless it happens strictly by accident or deceit, both are possible I guess.

To my readers you can rest assured that I am seeking the TRUTH and I believe that there does exist one Book of Truth and a Rule Book for life, for all time. I am an admitted King James Bible Snob and a Hymn Book Snob ~ My Favorite Bible Verse is John 10:27:

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" ~ And one of my favorite activities (of which I have many and they pretty much all include others - from grandchildren to dear friends who are more mature than me) is sitting with a dear 95 year old, legally blind, friend and singing hymns. I use the book and she sings them all by memory, from her heart. She even knows the right tune when I get it wrong....

Well...all for now... you see the sun is setting, the pups are anxious and ready to go (every day) and I have a three miler and bike ride goal for today and all are beckoning me to GET OUTSIDE NOW on this beautiful and hot July evening. I'm headed out now! God Bless!

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